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Hearty Food at The Heart of Singapore CBD.
Served with Passion.

Life Begins with Coffee

Our handcrafted delights instantly brighten up your day. Whether its coffee, cake, donut or dessert, we use the best ingredients to satisfy your cravings.

Our Menu Collection

Visit our stores today to experience our menu of food, drinks and desserts. Flash this website to our staff to enjoy 30% off any coffee.

Specialty Coffee

Whether it is coffee bean, chocolate, cinnamon or fresh milk, we go the extra mile to prepare the best and freshest ingredients for your drinks. 

Cakes & Desserts

We have the most sinful desserts for the hardcore sweets enthusiasts and a range of healthy desserts for the health conscious ones. 

Have any crazy dessert ideas? Let us know and we might just make one for you. 


Our donuts are so good that they deserve a special segment on our website. They are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and come with natural sweetener, freshly extracted from monk fruits daily. 

“The environment is so cosy”

The staff are polite and the food quality is consistently good. I always feel at ease and comfortable sitting at the table, sipping my coffee while enjoying my personal time alone.

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